First time accused should be kept separately from repeat offenders as in current jails first time accused gets training from repeat offenders.

A lot of people who have been to prison will agree with this statement of mine as the person who are accused first time of any crime should be kept separately from repeat offenders. As he/she is not aware about the criminal world and were happy in their own world before being accused of any crime. When these first time offenders are kept with repeat offenders that is when they learn all the different ways to commit crime and get away with it. Repeat offenders normally are small bosses with 6-10 small time repeat offenders under him in every barrack who call the first time accused and make him/her a proper criminal after they are released on bail or convicted of the crime they have done. The basic concept of prison ( Sudhar Grah ) fails when an innocent person goes to prison and becomes a well trained criminal by the repeat offenders inside the prison.

Solution :- Keep the first time offenders separate from repeat offenders till the time either he/she is convicted of the crime he/she is accused for.

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