You won’t believe 5-10 people die per day in Judicial Custody or Police Custody in India.

Proper medical care of under trial in police custody or judicial custody should be a must in India.

Police Custody :- When a person is arrested in police custody it is mandatory everyday he/she should be taken to a doctor for proper medical but what happens in real. The police is given instruction to go to some local clinic or hospital by the government , which hardly has any facility to do any real checkup. Normally the accused in take late night for their medical as the police think that there won’t be much people at night but there is one negative side to this that , the doctor who is given night duty is not as experienced as the one who comes in day as he hardly interacts with very very few patients who come at night.( This is my personal view ). The accused is taken to the hospital where the police tells him in advance that the doctor will ask you “when doctor asks you do you have any problem then you reply no doctor no problem” the accused has no other option but to say what the police is telling him/her as he/she knows that after medical they have to go with these 4 police officers to the same police station under police custody for some more days and if he/she is not cooperating with the police officers then they might assault him/her in police custody. So irrespective of whatever that person is going through , they have to give a normal medical paper in police custody until some major issue has come in police custody which is 1%. After that the police will take your thumb impression in the register of the doctor and you leave back to the police station lockup. This is how medical is done in police custody.

Solution :- Some basic tests should be done to every accused irrespective of he feeling normal or not and those tests should be combined in the report which will take the power from the corrupt practices of police and in real whatever the accused is going through will be present in front of the court with real reports. i.e if the cops did not assault the accused in police custody then it won’t come in medical tests and if they did it will come. for this what tests should be made compulsory we are consulting our panel of doctors and soon will come with a new report.

Judicial Custody :- Medical done in prison ( jail ) is the biggest joke i saw in the world. There is one doctor who has some specific medicine for almost all possible disease that the under trials or convicts are facing inside prison , like we see in some documentaries before independence. Every time you go to the doctor and he will give you some tablets which has nothing to do with your illness and till next day or days till you have to eat those medicine , only you know how you have stayed alive in the prison. A lot of under trial or convicts inside jail staying from a long time say that in jail one should not get ill as then only coffin goes out of jail and after studying the deaths in judicial custody now i believe those people were right inside prison ( jail ).


Solution :- Equipment to do tests at the hospital inside the prison before the under trial or convict is given any medicine or sent to hospital outside the prison ( jail ). This will reduce the deaths in Judicial Custody. Under Trial Welfare Association will be talking to government that this process should be made mandatory in every prison of India.




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