Below are the services that UTWA - UnderTrial Welfare Association supports to their members.

Legal Service

Free legal service for the poor UTWA members by our associates and rich UTWA members can donate to support the community.

Police Custody

To make sure that UTWA members are not harassed or tortured in Police Custody in any of the 15000+ urban and rural police stations in India.


Media to follow the story of UTWA members where they print and distribute an unbiased story based on facts collected by their Journalist from both parties and not just FIR.    

RTI - Right to information

Preparing RTI for UTWA members to make their case strong by getting government approved documents.

Judicial Custody

UTWA members are safe, their court dates are on time, good quality food, if unwell they get proper treatment in Judicial Custody or outside hospital with court permission.


Supporting UTWA members to file defamation against individuals, companies or government institutions for their false practice and getting compensation.  

PIL - Public interest litigation

Making detailed documents on misuse of law by and filing PIL in Supreme Court of India to change the legal system.

Family Support

Help and support families of UTWA member whose sole earning member is in under trial for Food , Shelter , Clothes , Medical and Studies.


After going through the process of Undertrial mostly people don't get jobs , getting such people employed as per their qualification and skills.