As we all know Legal system in our country is in big mess , one of the ways to improve it is by daily work upload of all Investigation Officers.

After researching and communicating with thousands of under trials we came to know that in alot of cases the police asks bribe from the accused family to manage the chargesheet or complainant to make a strong chargesheet against the accused. This is a crime where the accused or his family has no way to prove that the police officers were asking them bribe to make the chargesheet in their favor irrespective of the incident or problem. So we thought about it that how can we optimize the process of making the chargesheet where the cops cannot hide any positive or negative facts in chargesheet, below is the process :-

  1. The way every employee in a company submits daily report to their boss , similarly these police officers are public servants so we have the right to know who did what on which day as our tax money is their salary.
  2. After FIR is given to an Investigation Officer a preliminary report made by the investigation officer should be provided to the accused or his family as in most of the cases FIR is taken without any preliminary investigation and no reports are provided to the accused and family till chargesheet is submitted. If daily reporting of Investigation Offices is made compulsory then they will provide this report at the time of arrest to the accused or his family.
  3. An investigation officer has to submit his daily report on the FIR he/she is investigating which should be connected to the centralized server connected to Police Commissioner of that area , DGP of that state and NIC servers in the center.
  4. This will minimize the ground level corruption of chargesheet management to make biased report in favor of one party.
  5. This will also force the Investigation Officers to include all the document the accused party has given , which mostly the investigation officers don’t include in the chargesheet.
  6. After 60 days or 90 days if the chargesheet is not submitted , then the Investigation Officer cannot lie as everything he/she was doing is uploaded online on daily basis which is accessible to the court and the accused can also ask for access of those files using RTI from the court.
  7. As our current Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi started the initiative of Digital India so lets make the Police stations and Investigation Officers digital where the law becomes transparent for all irrespective of caste , creed , color or religion.

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