As we know how the Prison in India functions, under trials go there and become criminals by the time they get bail or complete their sentence.

A landmark judgement was given by Supreme Court of India in 2015 a bench comprising Justice TS Thakur and Justice R Banumathi to install CCTV in every prison Jail and Police Lockup of India. Just by installing CCTV does not help, government has to hire dedicated teams of IT experts to monitor who will directly report to Session Court , High Court and Supreme Court and take action on its own by monitoring the lockups and prisons across india. This will decrease the number of deaths happening in judicial custody and police custody which has reached to an average of 10 people per day as per government data.

This will help in a lot of ways :-

  1. Under trials and convicts will be more safe inside prison till they get bail or their jail term gets over.
  2. If something goes wrong court would know what happened by the report made by their team and not a made up story to save the culprit. Family of the under trial or convict gets proper justice. 
  3. This will stop brutality of police inside police lockup and prison ( jail ).
  4. Majority of the prison don’t take proper care of under trials or convicts this will force them to give proper medical care to under trials and convicts.
  5. Majority of  the prison ( Jail ) gets enough funding by the government to give good quality food to the under trials and convicts but still the quality of food which they give is very poor , this will improve if they are monitored by Session Court , High Court and Supreme Court. 
  6. Scared families outside living in fear that something wrong might happen to their family member inside police custody or prison ( Jail ) will have relief as they are directly monitored by the court 24/7 a day and 365 days a year.
  7. Illegal business happening across India which are run from jail by the goons , don , bhai and more.. will stop immediately or minimize by centralized monitoring. 


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