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UnderTrial Welfare Association is Section 8 company ( Non Profit Organization ) with Licence Number – 117510 , uniting the undertrials under this platform to fight against the corrupt police , lawyers , judiciary and government servants who destroy the life of innocent people by trapping them in false cases. More than 4,33,003+ people inside 1400+ prisons in India and millions outside struggling to get justice by 15000+ Urban and Rural police stations. We don't say that every undertrial who is our member is innocent but if he is then we will makesure that no government officers or institution can waste his precious life by convicting him of crimes which he/she has not done.
UnderTrial Welfare Association has a mission to optimize the Judicial system process by daily, weekly, monthly, annually accountability of Police , Lawyer , Judge , Jailor and Home Ministry - dedicated work to improve the lives of UnderTrials till they are either acquittal (not guilty) or convicted and support their families in this hard time.
To close the 1400+ jails in India and convert them into Schools , College , University and Human Development Centers.
Nobody listens to an Individual , you and your family must have realised this, join the group and make yourself audiable to the authorities with UTWA. 

Meet The Team


Digant Sharma

Founder and President

At 33 got arrested in a false case and was in Taloja Prison for 37 days , it was a great learning process for me to understand the flaws in the legal system and how can we restructure it without using the government so i designed UnderTrial Welfare Association. I exactly know what pain you and your family has gone through or is going through and together we will change the system. Before starting www.utwa.in  below is my profile for your reference. 

At 17 Trainee ( CHA Customs House Agent ) - Three Star Clearing and Forwarding
At 18 Head - IT - Reepock Industried Ltd 
At 19 teaching IT Teacher - Mithibai College - www.mithibai.ac.in 
At 20 CEO (Digital) - Dujodwala Products Ltd ( Now Mangalam Organics Ltd ) - www.dujodwala.com 
At 22 President Marketing - Robosoft Solutions Pvt Ltd - www.robo-soft.com 
At 22 CEO - Digant Enterprises 
At 23 CEO - Shazma yacht International Pvt Ltd
At 24 Partner - Director Sales and Marketing FTV Accessories Master license India ( Prime Square Fashion ) - www.ftv.com 
At 26 CEO - Ecommerce - Libas Designs Pvt Ltd - www.libasfashion.com 
At 27 Group CEO - The K Group ( The K Brands Pvtd Ltd ) ( Master License 70+ Brands PAN India ) 
At 28 Sales Consultant - Embibe ( Individual Learning Pvt Ltd ) www.embibe.com  
At 29 CEO - Francture Brands Pvt Ltd - www.francture.com 
At 30 - Director - Resource Mobilization ( Iskcon Food Relief Foundation ) Annamrita www.annamrita.org  
At 30 - Director - Sales , Marketing and CSR - Devnandini Agrovet a Farmers Producers Organization www.devnandini.org 
At 31 designed a system for MP and MLA to win elections in any constituency of India. - www.no1politician.com  
At 32 Designed a system - Constituency Resource Management System an ERP to optimize Ward , Constituency , City , State , Country. - www.apmcindia.com

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